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January 27 - 28, 2019

Culturati™ has spread its wings. Join us.

Current members may renew their membership in Culturati today. For $2,000 enjoy all the privileges of membership for another year for the 2019 Culturati Summit™ and receive an invitation to our Summer Culturati Dinner Series.

Since founding Culturati, we’ve expanded the reach, the collective expertise, and the value proposition to members—becoming a national community of leaders across industries who practice and study culture building and who share our play books. We’re exploring how to make our content—our discoveries and our play books—available to a broader audience while maintaining the intimacy of the Summit.

We recently released The Culture Book, Vol I. We hosted Culturati Connect in New York last November and have plans for a west coast Culturati Connect this year. And, we’re rebranding and enhancing the monthly Culturati Magazine. Members will soon have the opportunity to post directly and recommend additional readings.

We hope to announce Culturati Retreats in the fall—limited capacity, intense discussions with experts on a particular culture topic.

And, we are in discussions with academic scholars to commission original research with member companies to further quantify the returns on culture-building programs.

We’re honored to be named by Forbes as the fourth "must-attend event" for the creative class in 2018.

We sold out the Summit last year, and we may reduce attendance by 25 this year. Your feedback strongly recommends maintaining intimacy, a curated list of attendees, and more interaction among guests. We want to have more conversations breaking bread with members across a table.

Hope you'll join us again this year.

If you have questions or have misplaced the access code, please email us at info@CulturatiSummit.com


Cancellation Policy: Tickets are refundable minus a 10% processing fee until December 15, 2018. After December 15, 2018, tickets are refundable less a 10% processing fee within a 48-hour window of purchase, otherwise, they are not refundable. Culturati Summit tickets are not transferable without prior approval. Please send cancellation and transfer requests to Claire at Claire@CulturatiSummit.com.