Morgan DeBaun- Culturati

Closing Keynote & Remarks: Community Driven Business

April 6, 2021 1:10pm


  • Morgan DeBaun
  • Founder & CEO, Blavity
  • Moderator: Emily Ramshaw
  • Co-Founder & CEO, The 19th
  • Session Description:
  • Building a community from scratch that drives revenue and growth, creating a successful business. How cultivating culture internally and with customers can ensure a successful business.
  • Take-Aways
  • Want diversity? It’s simple. Add more chairs to the table.
  • Build more diverse companies from the start. This will give you the competitive advantage to crush your competitors.
  • Trust your convictions, not others’ assumptions. DEI isn’t a niche market - the opportunity for growth is limitless.
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