Desiree Motamedi- Culturati

Closing Keynote & Remarks: Making Your Company a Community is the New Business Imperative

April 8, 2021 1:10pm

  • Desiree Motamedi

    Sr. Global Marketing Director, Workplace at Facebook

  • Moderator: Matthew Duncan
  • Culturati Steering Committee and Employee Experience Advocate

Description: In the new world of hybrid work, we need strategies that put people at the heart of our businesses. Join Desiree Motamedi, Sr. Director of Global Marketing - Workplace from Facebook, and Matthew Duncan, Culturati, for a conversation about the value of focusing on community, health and wellbeing in the (often remote) workplace.

  • Take-Aways
  • • Community and culture needs to happen in the flow of work - doing it better, more connected
  • • Communities are a critical factor for a sense of belonging at work
  • • People want to learn from peers and people want to give to others - triggers brain chemistry for fulfilment.