Mark McClain- Culturati

Closing Keynote & Remarks: The Lead from Anywhere Phenomenon

April 7, 2021 1:10pm


  • Mark McClain

    CEO & Co-Founder, Sailpoint & Author of Joy & Success at Work

  • Moderator: Eugene Sepulveda

    Co-Founder & CEO, Culturati

  • Session Description:
  • You can't fake a good company culture—it’s either firmly engrained in the company from the start (and from the top down), or it’s not. And that becomes evident as soon as that culture and team is put to the test, as we’ve all been during this pandemic year. But where do you start – either in forming or refining your company culture, especially today? Here's one CEO's tried and true approach to leadership and the critical role that a solid company culture plays – both pre- and post-pandemic.