Diversity as a Superpower

April 8, 2021 11:30am

  • Maria Yap

    Vice President of Digital Imaging, Adobe

  • Moderator: Lisa Mae Brunson

    Wonder Woman Tech

  • Session Description:
  • Being different can be empowering. Every one of us is unique and different from the next person; isn't that diversity what makes us human? Hear how Maria Yap, Vice President of Digital imaging at Adobe, overcame huge odds when she started her career. As a woman minority with a Bachelor’s degree in Design – not the expected Master’s degree or PhD in a technical field – she seems an unlikely lead of a predominantly male engineering team. But without Maria, the team might have been too narrowly focused in their thinking. Hear from Maria as she shares her philosophy on embracing differences in the workplace – and how diversity can be a superpower.
  • Take-Aways
  • • Examples of how using your differences can be your superpower
  • • Learn smart tips to move forward in your career while embracing your uniqueness
  • • How diversity enables broader thinking and more creativity