Surviving (and Thriving) as an Entrepreneur or Manager in a Post Pandemic World

April 7, 2021 10:50am


  • Michael Smerklo

  • Entrepreneur, Investor and Author of Mr. Monkey & Me: A Real Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs

  • Moderator: Dr. David Altounian

    Associate Dean of Academic Programs and MBA Program Director, St. Edward's University

  • Session Description:
  • It’s a challenging business climate brought on by the pandemic, one in which managers and leaders need to survive and thrive in order to lead and execute successfully. In this Fireside Chat, business leader, mentor, and venture capitalist Mike Smerklo will discuss his broad range of experiences and mistakes, as well as lessons he's learned from renowned entrepreneurs which culminated in developing his SHAPE formula for building mental toughness as shared in his successful book, ‘Mr. Monkey and Me: A Real Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs.


  • • Understanding the SHAPE formula - an approach to self-development

  • • The importance of self-awareness in career development

  • • Seeking the right kind of help for growth

  • • How to build mental toughness and persistence when faced with challenges

  • • Setting the correct expectations, for you and the organization