The Rise of the Ensemble Hero

April 7, 2021 11:30am

  • Dr. Jeremy Hunter

    Founding Director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute & Associate Professor of Practice, Peter F Drucker Graduate School of Management

  • Moderator: Lori Knowlton

    Advisor, Mentor, Board Member

  • Session Description:
  • A fireside chat reflecting on the events of the last year and considering the future as a journey of heroes. Using Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey as a framework, we discuss global challenges faced by leaders, team members, families and communities and consider new agreements that may follow this transformative experience.


  • • Leaders and managers stepped up in 2020 for challenges unlike prior years resulting in a transformative experience on many levels
  • • An opportunity to reflect on one’s own experience and development
  • • Consider which new agreements will continue in the workplace and our communities as a result