Shellye Archambeau - Culturati Summit

Welcome & Opening Keynote: Shellye Archambeau

April 8, 2021 10am


  • Shellye Archambeau

    Fortune 500 Board Member /Former CEO of MetricStream

  • Moderator : Nicole Brennig

    Partner, DLA Piper


  • “Shellye's life story, and the lessons it carries, are powerful examples of focus and ambition that can shape your life for the better.” — Ben Horowitz, Andreesen Horowitz

In her new book Unapologetically Ambitious, Shellye Archambeau explores the intersection of race, gender, ambition, and mental health for leaders of all kinds. In this conversation with DLA Piper’s Nicole Brening, we’ll cover:

  • How to dismantle impostor syndrome
  • The difference between sponsorship and mentorship
  • Integrating personal and professional growth
  • What we need to do to help women of color rise through the ranks
  • Why work-life balance is a myth
  • How to recognize and deal with burnout
  • How to manage from the middle
    We can’t imagine a more timely conversation on critical issues that we’re all facing in the workplace, and we hope you’ll join us!