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#Culturati19 speaker Raj Neogy, a Silicon Valley-based executive coach — as well as an alum of Adobe and Facebook—in this month’s Culturati Magazine writes about the importance of emotional intelligence and postulates that CEOs usually thrive at left hemisphere brain functions such as evaluating, comparing, measuring, problem-solving and advice giving, rather than right hemisphere activity such as creativity, spatial, fantasy and emotional.

Why Every Business Needs a Culture Deck -- And How to Create One

A well-defined culture can be the key to bringing employees together, standing out in your industry and scaling your business.

"I don't know if [the Netflix culture] was so different. Here's the most important thing we did: We just wrote it down." —past Culturati speaker Patty McCord, Netflix's former chief talent officer, who co-created the company's famous culture deck with CEO Reed Hastings

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Welcome to Ethan Burris, Professor of Management, @UTexasMcCombs, as a speaker for the Jan. 27-28 Culturati Summit. #culture #corporateculture #culturati19 #culturatisummit

Welcome to Mayerland Harris, Group Vice President of Human Resources, H-E-B, as a speaker for the Jan. 27-28 Culturati Summit! #Culturati19 #corporateculture #humanresources #culturatisummit

Welcome to Tyson Tuttle, President and Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Labs, as a speaker at the Jan 27-28 Culturati Summit! #culturati19 #culturatisummit #culture #corporateculture

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Welcome to Rajkumari Neogy, Executive Coach, iRestart, as a speaker at the Jan. 27-28 Culturati Summit in Austin! #Culturati19 #culturatisummit #corporateculture

Welcome to Kelly McGinnis, Chief Communications Officer, @LeviStraussCo, as a speaker at the Jan. 27-28 Culturati Summit! #culturatisummit #culturati19 #corporateculture

Welcome to Candi Castleberry Singleton, Vice President, Intersectionality, #Culture and #Diversity at Twitter as a speaker for the Jan. 27-28 #CulturatiSummit! #Culturati19 #corporateculture

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