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Marc Benioff of Salesforce: ‘Are We Not All Connected?’

A billionaire tech mogul with a spiritual side, Mr. Benioff riffs on his early days at Apple and Oracle, and what’s wrong with Facebook.

"I want a company where people are excited to come to work every day, where they feel good when they get here, where it doesn’t take from them, but it’s giving to them, it’s giving to others. Why do people want to be here? It’s not that we have more amenities than everybody else. We have less. We don’t have a cafeteria. But we have a stronger purpose and a stronger mission."— Marc Benioff

Opinion | Personalism: The Philosophy We Need

A philosophy to celebrate the infinite worth inherent in every human being.

"This might be a perfect time for a revival of personalism..a philosophic tendency built on the infinite uniqueness and depth of each person... Personalism demands that we change the way we structure our institutions. A company that treats people as units to simply maximize shareholder return is showing contempt for its own workers."

Informal Leaders — Do You Know Where They Live? – Culturati: Magazine – Medium

By Larry Reyes, CEO & Founder RewardingCulture, LLC, culture strategist, speaker and contributor to The Culture Book, When Cultures Click

"Informal leaders are not in role of authority, yet they have a tremendous influence among the population within a team, department, or across the company," says Larry Reyes, CEO & founder of RewardingCulture, culture strategist, speaker and contributor to The Culture Book, Volume One: When Culture Clicks. Do you know where to find your informal leaders?

A Tech Governance Lesson from Facebook’s “Uber” Moment

By Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO and Founder, GEC Risk Advisory

"As we build all of these amazing new technological capabilities, we must simultaneously build commensurate and impactful governance and culture within and across organizations to manage this explosion of game-changing technological capabilities — ethically, safely, socially responsibly and legally." By Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO and Founder, GEC Risk Advisory

As diversity progress in Silicon Valley stalls, advocates call for a new approach

Five years after efforts to increase diversity in Silicon Valley began, progress has been slow and what some call "diversity fatigue" has set in. Activists are disappointed and tech workers are frustrated that little has been achieved.

In a survey by Atlassian, respondents appeared to be tuning out of the diversity conversation, and this article points out that in tech companies around the country, leaders with good intentions are adopting practices that are frustrating even the most ardent supporters of diversity and inclusion. So what can be done?

Announcing the 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study

Purpose isn’t just the latest marketing buzzword or moment-in-time tactic. Not only do Americans expect companies to lead with Purpose, they are ready to reward these companies in a variety of ways. In fact, companies that lead with Purpose will stand to build deeper bonds with existing consumers,...

"78% of Americans believe companies must do more than just make money; they must positively impact society as well." Read more findings from the 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study:

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#Repost @whencultureclicks with @get_repost ・・・ Lindsay McGregor, co-founder of Vega Factor (a consultancy aimed at developing high performing cultures) and author of “Primed to Perform”, shares with us how the Total Motivation theory of culture building works in practice. It’s one of the more in-depth chapters, filled with actionable advice. Don’t miss it! Order at #culture #culturati #culturatisummit #corporateculture

It's book launch day! We've partnered with Weeva Inc. to create The Culture Book, a practical guide to building incredible corporate cultures. In this book you will learn how to identify, embed and sustain your own authentic, high-performing culture. The Culture Book is full of practical lessons and tips you can put to use right now, including: —Why and how every company should manage culture not just as a plan or program, but as a key strategic asset —What specific programs and activities super successful culture thought leaders and c-suite executives think matters most of all —What every employee must do to take accountability and drive a successful culture in the trenches —How to accurately gauge the strength of your culture and craft a practical plan to improve day after day —How to understand and optimize the powerful relationship between values and behavior —How to apply innovative, never-before-published frameworks to improve employee retention —Why leading experts disagree on whether the best cultures work like families or sports teams —Why it's not enough to simply copy someone else's culture; how truly winning cultures map to the unique contours of each business —How cultures at top companies have evolved over time, through thick and thin —How great culture can become not just a calling card, but the key to enduring success and a long-term competitive advantage Learn more and order at link in bio. #culturatisummit #culture #corporateculture #companyculture #csuite #leadership

The Culture Book launch is almost here! We hope you can join us for a launch party on April 24th, 6:30-8pm in downtown Austin. Please check your email for an invitation or email for more information. The #CultureBook is a “practical guide to building incredible corporate cultures.” It’s full of actionable advice from orgs like @netflix, @IDEO, @SouthwestAir, @Goodwill @benandjerrys and many more. 2018 #CulturatiSummit attendees will receive their copy of the book at the launch party or in the mail. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon and at: #corporateculture #companyculture

"Honor the individual and create environments where people want to be." Mark Gilbreath, Founder/Skipper, @LiquidSpace, speaking at #Culturati18 #corporateculture

"You can make decisions that are human-centered and good for financial growth." @Gwendolyn.Floyd, founder of @ShopSoko interviewed by @jordantara #culturati18 #culturatisummit #leadership #corporateculture #companyculture

"If you expect your team to be vulnerable with you, you need to be vulnerable first." Claire Lew, CEO, Know Your Company #culturati18 @clew23 #culturatisummit #corporateculture #leadership

"No one cares about what you say, they care about what you do, and the experiences you deliver." David Carter of @Patagonia on building trust, leadership, citizenship and culture. #culturati18 #culturatisummit #culture #corporateculture #leadership

"Please treat trust not as a nice-to-have, but as an essential component to everything you do." Speaker David Simas, CEO, @ObamaFoundation, in our #Culturati18 first keynote of the day, "Citizen Cultures." #culturatisummit #obamafoundation #davidsimas #corporateculture

#Repost @domoreofwhatyoudig ・・・ “Values are super important and we handed them off to our employees to shape them.” @culturatisummit with Jag Bath CEO at @favor #culturati18

“When trust erodes, tribes form.” Speaker David Simas, CEO, Obama Foundation in our first keynote of the day, "Citizen Cultures" with Dean Carter, Vice President of Human Resources & Shared Services, Patagonia and Wailin Wong, Co-Producer/Host, The Rework Podcast. We're sharing highlights from the day on Twitter; follow and join the conversation with @culturatisummit and #culturati18 #culturatisummit #corporateculture #companyculture #csuite

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